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Silvesterspaziergang in Wien:

Excuse me!


Excuse me, my English is not good.

Oh, not a problem, my English is also bad.



Are you living in Vienna?


Oh, this is great!

Ja. Really. Thank you.

Do you visit your family at Christmas?

Oh yes, it was lovely.

So great! You are blessed!


Can you walk with your legs?

Yes. (?)


Yap. I’m grateful.

Oh, I love you! Do you have a dream?


Do you have a dream????


Do you have a dream?

It’s not so simple to say … I can’t remember … No, I don’t have a dream now …

This is great!


This is great! You can now dream whatever you want! Oh, I love your great chance!


♥ Happy 2019 ♥

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